may 2020

13mayAll DayWeek 5 - Don't Quarantine Your Career: Log In and Level Up Webinar Series(All Day: wednesday) ET Online Event Organized By: Forté Events

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We get it. It’s hard to stay positive when brunch seems to be a thing of the past. How can one stay calm and positive when Hollandaise Sauce is so hard to make! For Week Five of our latest webinar series – Don’t Quarantine Your Career: Log In & Level Up (see details below) – our speakers will share tips and tools on how to keep your cool during these uncertain times. Step 1: Breathe. Step 2: Remember you’re not alone.

To help your career keep going the distance (even when you can’t), Forté launched a weekly, 40-minute, webinar series every Wednesday, April 15 – May 20.

Find the webinar below that best meets your needs!

NOON ET – Professionals: Positivity as a Driver of Connection and Resilience
As superwomen, we were already pushing our emotional processing limits before COVID-19, so how do we manage even greater uncertainty moving forward? And do we just want to manage, or actually use this time to build resilience and the confidence to lead ourselves and others with greater positive impact?

We often intend to approach our work with more optimism, yet we might not have the appreciation or tools to go about it. Building on Positive Psychology, Leadership Development & Executive Coach, Lisa Bevill, will delve into the utility of cultivating positive emotions which can drive connection, creativity and vitality. We will gain an appreciation of our own strengths and those of others, allowing for greater perspective, well-being, and overall health.

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2 PM ET – Undergraduates: Prioritizing Self-Care while Advancing Your Career
Self-care is important during these challenging times! Before you reach for your DIY moisturizing facials and emery boards remember that self-care also means taking care of yourself physically and emotionally. By making small adjustments to your daily routine, you can be more productive in advancing your career forward. Cindy Makita of Hired Institute will lead a discussion on how you can take care of yourself, produce your best work, and make progress in your career while still acknowledging today’s challenges and processing your emotions. Pro-tip: you can wear a hair or face mask WHILE launching your career. Win-win!

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4 PM ET – MBA Students: Centered in the Storm: Mindfulness Tools for Uncertain Times
Great news! You no longer have to spend hours scrolling through all of the relaxation apps in the app store for anxiety relief! A really accessible set of tools is available to help make you feel calmer and grounded when anxiety strikes. Even better, the same set of resources can energize you when the afternoon (evening? morning? what does time mean again?) slump hits. Best of all, there’s no online ordering or delayed shipping involved, because you already have everything you need! Join Shannon Reinard Demko of MindfulMBA for an intro to mindfulness practices, including breath work and guided visualization, that will help you catch your breath and keep your career on track, as well as your nap schedule.

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