june 2019

03junAll Day05Berkeley Haas Executive Decision Making Program(All Day) PT Haas School of Business Event Organized By: Executive Education

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Organizations live and die on the decisions of their leaders. Every day, executives are called upon to make innumerable decisions some mundane, some momentous. Some of these decisions will determine the very survival of their businesses or their own careers. This program will help participants make decisions that produce better outcomes for them and their organizations.

Learn about how your intuition guides you and the mind traps that can impair effective decision making. These traps can keep you from accepting vital data that contradicts what you think you already know. You’ll leave with the tools to identify accurate, reliable information to make sound decisions that will position your business for success.

This program is a hands-on workout for your brain. You’ll use real-life examples, business case studies, and data from your own company to build your analysis skills and give you and your company a unique competitive edge. Program topics include:

  • Biases in judgment and decision making
  • Common problems with how people collect, analyze, and inerpret data
  • Cognitive short-cuts that inhibit decision making
  • Short-term thinking that imperils your long-term interests
  • Turn Information into Effective Decisions
  • Distinguish between trivial and vital data
  • Using pre-mortems to anticipate and prevent future disasters
  • Synthesize and apply informative data to business decisions
  • Understand the relationship between sustainability and strategy

Join the best decision scholars and teachers at the Haas School of Business. Faculty includes neuroscientists, behavioral economists, psychologists, and scholars of management. In addition to Faculty Director Don Moore, Robert Strand, Ned Augenblick and Juliana Schroeder will be bringing their expertise in sustainability, economic behavior and managerial & organizational behavior to the program.



june 3 (Monday) - 5 (Wednesday) PT


Haas School of Business

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